Driving School Carlton

Our name is our Philosophy

… Driving is fun, liberating!!! Stress-free, really.

Sure, the learning part of driving can make anybody nervous, but under the right safe supervision the nervousness can turn into exhilaration. All of our Instructor vehicles have dual controls, and as statistics show, one of the safest times on the road is when a learner driver is under instruction with a qualified Driving Instructor.


We teach in both AUTO and MANUAL vehicles.


We teach all drivers…

Learners, qualified drivers, everyone. Learn to drive safely and properly, don't just "pass the test." We will enable you to control the vehicle, making sure you are constantly aware of position and speed, we will enable to you control the dynamic handling of the vehicle, and thirdly, we will enable you to become aware of all the other road users and their potentials.


Learn the road rules and how to apply them.

The Road Safety Road Rules 2009 (Vic) detail nearly 500 pages of what we are all responsible for on the roads. Our experienced Driving Instructors are fully versed with the Rules and can illustrate in the real world how they are implemented.


We are experienced, professional and economical. You may try the rest, but once you experience our cost-efficient training we doubt you will look back.


We cater to your timeframe and requirements.

We have conducted lessons at 4am, 12noon, 5pm peak hour, as well as 11pm for the night owls. If your circumstances require flexibility drive outside the 9 to 5 we will do all that we can to accommodate you.


  Call us for a friendly chat… go on, call us.