We are here for the student, the student is not here for us!!

When a student has a lesson with us we will respect the time and privacy of that student and never have another student driving along with us, unless the student specifically requests it (brothers, sisters, mums, dads and friends are certainly welcome to come along if they are involved in the instruction of the student).


We recognise that:

  • Everybody learns differently
  • Everybody has a different starting (experience, aptitude) point
  • Everybody has a personality style which affects their learning
  • Everybody is nervous, but excited


We will be patient and style-specific in our instruction.

Some people do best when told how to do something first (also see our Carlton Drive Test Tutorial), some do best by “giving it a go” first, others are more visual, some are more auditory in their information acquisition and learning.


We will cater for the timeframe that a student allocates to driving lessons.

We understand the real world… sometimes there is a test in 2 days, sometimes finances are a limiting consideration, whilst at other times a consistent lesson plan is followed. We promise to do what we can to cater for your real-world requirements.

We do make the lessons efficient for the student by conducting lessons in the testing areas; however, we do not encourage specifically spoon-feeding testing routes. Beware the “instructor” who does.


Age or other personal qualities are not a limit…

We are a meritocracy. We will endeavour to maximise any individual’s potential on the road.


We promise at all times to provide an environment free from discrimination and harassment. Under no circumstances will an Instructor raise their voice, be discourteous or make physical contact with a student whilst in the car (except by accident in an attempt to manage the controls of the car).

All cancellations/changes to a pre-arranged appointment by the student require at least 24 hours’ notice for lessons, 3 days’ notice for tests, otherwise a fee will apply. Any cancellation/changes to a pre-arranged appointment by an Instructor likewise requires 24 hours’ notice for lessons, otherwise a free lesson to the same duration will be offered.