In the spirit of giving, encouragement and fun, we offer the following promotions:

Free Drive Test – Valued at $175

We value the idea that our students will get their driver’s license and be safe on the roads.

So, any of our established students, who drive a faultless test in their VicRoads drive test, we will reward by not charging them the Driving Instructor Fee for the drive test.

This also means that it is not StressFree Driving School who judges it; you can’t get any fairer than that.

And it doesn’t have to be on the first time you go for your driving test. Any flawless drive in a drive test will do it. It’s that simple.

We have also had experience with the “first time pass guarantee” structure in our years of experience in other schools… this “first time pass” concept potentially provokes unprepared learners to go for the drive test and see what happens. Also, there is always the dreaded fine-print to these “first time pass” offerings.

This promotion is not offered with any other discount.


3 Free 1 hour lessons…

If any fully licensed driver (excluding professional drivers such police, driving instructors, etc) can pass a simulated drive test then we, at StressFree Driving School, will award a learner driver of their choice 3 hours’ worth of lessons for free!

Specifics of this promotion:

  • $25 charge
  • Start and finish at Carlton VicRoads
  • A brief rundown of what’s expected will be given to the driver, just to be fair
  • Any free lessons to be given need to be within a reasonable, agreeable proximity

This is also a great way for any fully licensed driver to see if they could pass a present day drive test.


Gift Package

  • 10 x 1Hr lessons plus Drive Test – $660 (save $115)

For the parent, relative, friend or a really nice person who wants to gift a Learner something that will touch their entire life, this is the perfect gift.

What better birthday or graduation present can there be than the path to driving safely from the start?

This Gift Package has a saving of $85 on the regular competitive pricing that we offer.

What’s not to like about it?



Any student who is referred to us by another student (past or present) will receive their second lesson at half price.

Also, if the referring student is still with StressFree Driving School then they also get their next lesson at half price.


Long Drives

There is nothing more enjoyable than taking a proper long drive.

Whether it is the Great Ocean Road, up into the Dandenongs, or any other place of note where the destination is of importance, not just the time on the road.

Yes, we do offer this service. It is a tailored drive and so arrangements can be made with your Instructor about charges and the like.

We do buy you lunch on the day. Which other Drive School offers that?