In addition to the regular 1 hour lessons and Drive Tests that make up the majority of our driving instruction we also offer:

Test Preparations:

1.     2 hours – $160 (GST included)

  • Detailed, verbal and written checklist of the structure and content of the drive test
  • Ideal for students who have had extensive lessons and hours driving on the road
  • Ideal for overseas license holders who are sitting a drive test in Victoria
  • Ideal for students who need specific areas of ability (lane-changing, road rules) worked on
  • Ideal for students who have a drive test in the very near future

2.     4 hours – $290  (GST included, conducted with a 15 minute break at the midpoint)

  • Detailed verbal instruction about the drive test, as well as a comprehensive handout-out
  • Suits students who have experience driving on the road but require numerous aspects of their driving improved
  • Suits students who have a drive test in the near future and who are feeling unsure about their success
  • Ideal for students who are time poor
  • Ideal for overseas licensed drivers who are going for a drive test in Victoria, who are not familiar with the roads

3.     8 hours – $550 (GST included)

  • This is as comprehensive a test preparation as is offered!
  • 8am start, 5pm finish, with two 30 minute breaks in the day
  • Structured written and verbal information is provided as part of a structured day
  • All aspects of the drive test are gone through with necessary detail, repetition and patience
  • Ideal for students who are fast approaching a drive test who have significant areas to focus on
  • Ideal for students who need a concentrated, structured, driving course as opposed to lessons bit by bit

Carlton Drive Test Tutorial – $25 for 1 Hour

This is an initiative for those of us who learn best by being shown first!

Nightly at 6pm until 7pm, starting and finishing at the Carlton VicRoads, one of our senior instructors will drive within the Carlton Testing area, illustrating and describing the proper requirements on the roads.

These tutorials do consist of multiple students, potentially, and all the students need to do is sit back, observe and listen to how it should all be done.

These tutorials are also designed for fully licensed individuals.

All aspects of what is required in a drive test are gone into! The “slow manoeuvres” are illustrated on particular sessions, as well as any queries or requirements by the students.

Bookings are essential for these tutorials so do not hesitate, give us a call.